What’s on your mind?

Here’s your chance Yuma, I hear so many people say< “No lessons to us.  no one care what we have to say or think,”  There’s plenty of ways to have your voice heard, you rather stay quiet and let someone else do the work for you.

Tomorrow, Wend. Oct 9th, is the All Yuma Center meeting.  You say no cares and your opinion doesn’t matter,  They care about what you want and need.  Have you reached out to them?  How many of you go to a meetings, or how many of you are involved?  If not than why not?  Or are you one of those people that would rather let someone else do it?  They are trying to make Yuma a little bit better for all of us, so let’s show them some support.  Go to the meeting at 7pm at the Littlewood Co-op on Main Street, look them up on Facebook, get involved and help make a difference in Yuma!!

Friday, Oct 11th, is National Coming Out day!!  This is a tough subject to talk about.  For those that are afraid of losing your family & friends, All I can say is You are not alone.  There are people who can help you if you just ask.   If you need advice just call (717) 673-5729.

We as a community must help each other, support each other, stand side by side with each other, and when necessary protect & defend each other.  My next topic that we will talk about is the fighting that is going on between each other in the gay community.

Be kind to each other, until next time!!!

If you have any questions or you have an idea for a topic, please either post on here of email me at yumagayblog@yahoo.com