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AWC Theater to host The Laramie Project (LGBTQ-related). Action Alert!!

YUMA CITIZENS:  AWC College had an anti-LGBTQ, evangelical-christian Dean until last year. That old Dean cruelly-fired AWC’s Theater Director (Chip Straley) because Chip was progressive-minded, he was LGBTQ-supportive, he spoke against the Dean’s christian-religion prayers performed at ALL collage ceremonies and Chip helped his students host The Rocky Horror Picture Show (with a live shadow cast) at Halloween.

This year, AWC has a NEW Dean! Word is, the new Dean is kind of progressive. He’s allowing AWC Theater to hold shows of The Laramie Project**.  It’s CRITICAL that Yuma citizens heavily attends and support AWC’s The Laramie Project performances!

CALL-TO-ACTION: Please attend AWC’s The Laramie Project shows -Yuma needs to show the new Dean that an LGBTQ-related theater projects is greatly supported and appreciated! If you can’t attend, buy tickets for friends, family or donate to that project.

Arizona Western College is hosting a theater performance about The Laramie Project (**On October 7, 1998, a young gay man was discovered bound to a fence in the hills outside Laramie, Wyoming; an act of hate that shocked the nation. Matthew Shepard’s death became a national symbol of intolerance, but for the people of Laramie, the event was deeply personal, and it is their voices we hear in this stunningly effective theater piece, a deeply complex portrait of a community.)


On October 7, 1998, a young gay man was discovered bound to a fence in the hills outside Laramie, Wyoming;…

The LOCUSTs are about to arrive in Yuma


Peeps: If you live in a Yuma area year-round, please ‘like’ the Yuma Year-round Citizens facebook site:  Please let others know about that facebook page…thank you.

That facebook page is for YOU!  You can vent about SnowBirds. You can point out injustices against year-round citizens. You can give thumbs-up to businesses that stay open year-round (especially in the Foothills). You can offer tips and suggestions about getting around SnowBirds. You can tell how you stood AGAINST a mean SnowBird or how you stood FOR a Year-rounder who was being bullied by a SnowBird.  Lets show our 365 Year-round pride!

The SnowBirds have a secret internet site where they complain about Yuma…. so let’s unite & get the word out about the Yuma Year-Round Citizens page… we deserve respect!


365 logo

Check out and ‘like’ the new Yuma Year-round Citizens facebook page!  

Year-rounders (in Yuma and neighboring cities): Please share the Yuma Year-round Citizens facebook page on all your area social groups and please encourage Year-rounders to ‘like’ this page….which was created for you and all Yuma year-round people!

This page is for: Providing a like-minded, safe place to Vent about Snowbirds’ outrageious actions;  Thanking and supporting businesses that stay open YEAR-ROUND to serve ALL citizens;  Showing Year-rounder pride;  Supporting other Year-rounders who are bullied by SnowBirds;  Posting tips, suggestions and ideas about dealing with SnowBirds;  Spotlighting SnowBirds who are mean, discriminatory, greedy and break rules/policies because they feel we must bow down to them because they spend $’s in Yuma.

We, Yuma Year-round citizens keep this area running 365 day-of-the-year… we should be #1 Priority and we deserve Respect. We should not be viewed as Second Class Citizens.

A Yuma Politician is speaking at Aug. 28th PFLAG Yuma gathering- the LGBTQ community is asked to attend in masses!

The Yuma LGBTQ community is asked to attend the Sunday, August 28 (5pm-7pm) PFLAG Yuma gathering. Either Mayor Doug Nicholls or Yuma City Administrator, Greg Wilkinson will be speaking to PFLAG attendees. PFLAG really hopes there will be a huge attendance so the politicians see our LGBTQ citizens are community-involved and the community Yuma’s PFLAG chapter. Also, there will be a Question & Answer session after Mayor Nicholls or Greg Wilkinson speaks… THAT’s the time to ask what City of Yuma is doing to embrace the LGBTQ community;   if city-sanctioned anti-discrimination LGBTQ policies are in place at government agencies, schools;  if LGBTQ Diversity training is mandatory at all government agencies, schools etc. 

PFLAG Yuma meets at: 281 W. 24th St, Suite 136A (corner of 24th St/Virginia Ave). PFLAG Yuma is a safe zone (no disrespecting others) and its’ Leaders will also offer Support, resources and like-minded friendship to all. Light refreshments and social-time will be after the meeting. Folks can bring snacks if they wish. Mostly… bring friends, family.

Arizona Public Service and AZ Corporation Commission: Corrupt, Filthy-rich ‘Slave Masters’!

Arizona citizens are APS ‘Slaves’!

We The People! Who is fighting for AZ’s peoples? … not Arizona’s Governor, City Administrators, Mayors, City Counsel and County Supervisors as they are In-Bed with powerful Corporations (such as APS and AZ Corporation Commission) to ensure bread is buttered …  all at the expense of us AZ citizens.


AZ allows ‘Dark Money’ (mega $$$s by anonymous donors who often reside out-of-state) contributions to AZ politicians, law-makers and special interest groups to ‘convince’ regulating agencies to stop the investigation regarding APS increasing rates when it wants and how it wants.  Unless your electricity bill is paid by someone else or by some agency… you should be mad and you must take action! Write your state representatives and cc appropriate Federal-level officials.

Corrupt Yuma quickly-dismisses accused Pedophile!

A longtime tongue-in-cheek motto regarding Yuma is:  “It’s WHO you know or WHAT you’re affiliated with”…. that determines your path in Yuma, Arizona!

Apparently, if a Yuma-area man was a former Tribal police officer and current fire dept employee, he can do no wrong.

On April 22, 2016, Brian Wolgomot (former Cocopah police officer, current Rural/Metro firefighter/EMS) was arrested for having a sexual relationship with a 13 year old girl.  Justice Greg Stewart informed Wolgomot he was being held on seven separate felony counts. Only, FOUR DAYS LATER, Wolgomot was RELEASED after the judge said there was “not enough evidence” to formally charge Wolgamot. The child victim’s stepmother stated publicly: “Very disappointed, angry and sad at the same time. He knew she was 13.”.

Not holding the man so that sufficient evidence can be organized?!  No official trial to prove innocence or guilt?!  Internet searches reveal accused-Pedophiles are NOT released without lengthy, thorough investigations and/or trials.  Yuma citizen’s comments, regarding this incident, show bewilderment and anger as to why Wolgamot was released so soon.

WHO is Wolgamot related to? WHAT is Wolgamot affiliated with? Was Wolgamot power lawyer-ed up? Does Wolgamot belong to a ‘class’ of people who play-their-cards to shirk responsibility? The ‘justice’, of this case, reeks of corruption.