The LOCUSTs are about to arrive in Yuma


Peeps: If you live in a Yuma area year-round, please ‘like’ the Yuma Year-round Citizens facebook site:  Please let others know about that facebook page…thank you.

That facebook page is for YOU!  You can vent about SnowBirds. You can point out injustices against year-round citizens. You can give thumbs-up to businesses that stay open year-round (especially in the Foothills). You can offer tips and suggestions about getting around SnowBirds. You can tell how you stood AGAINST a mean SnowBird or how you stood FOR a Year-rounder who was being bullied by a SnowBird.  Lets show our 365 Year-round pride!

The SnowBirds have a secret internet site where they complain about Yuma…. so let’s unite & get the word out about the Yuma Year-Round Citizens page… we deserve respect!



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