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Check out and ‘like’ the new Yuma Year-round Citizens facebook page!  https://www.facebook.com/Yuma-Year-round-Citizens-414066215449152/  

Year-rounders (in Yuma and neighboring cities): Please share the Yuma Year-round Citizens facebook page on all your area social groups and please encourage Year-rounders to ‘like’ this page….which was created for you and all Yuma year-round people!

This page is for: Providing a like-minded, safe place to Vent about Snowbirds’ outrageious actions;  Thanking and supporting businesses that stay open YEAR-ROUND to serve ALL citizens;  Showing Year-rounder pride;  Supporting other Year-rounders who are bullied by SnowBirds;  Posting tips, suggestions and ideas about dealing with SnowBirds;  Spotlighting SnowBirds who are mean, discriminatory, greedy and break rules/policies because they feel we must bow down to them because they spend $’s in Yuma.

We, Yuma Year-round citizens keep this area running 365 day-of-the-year… we should be #1 Priority and we deserve Respect. We should not be viewed as Second Class Citizens.


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