A Yuma Politician is speaking at Aug. 28th PFLAG Yuma gathering- the LGBTQ community is asked to attend in masses!


The Yuma LGBTQ community is asked to attend the Sunday, August 28 (5pm-7pm) PFLAG Yuma gathering. Either Mayor Doug Nicholls or Yuma City Administrator, Greg Wilkinson will be speaking to PFLAG attendees. PFLAG really hopes there will be a huge attendance so the politicians see our LGBTQ citizens are community-involved and the community Yuma’s PFLAG chapter. Also, there will be a Question & Answer session after Mayor Nicholls or Greg Wilkinson speaks… THAT’s the time to ask what City of Yuma is doing to embrace the LGBTQ community;   if city-sanctioned anti-discrimination LGBTQ policies are in place at government agencies, schools;  if LGBTQ Diversity training is mandatory at all government agencies, schools etc. 

PFLAG Yuma meets at: 281 W. 24th St, Suite 136A (corner of 24th St/Virginia Ave). PFLAG Yuma is a safe zone (no disrespecting others) and its’ Leaders will also offer Support, resources and like-minded friendship to all. Light refreshments and social-time will be after the meeting. Folks can bring snacks if they wish. Mostly… bring friends, family.

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