Arizona Public Service and AZ Corporation Commission: Corrupt, Filthy-rich ‘Slave Masters’!

Arizona citizens are APS ‘Slaves’!

We The People! Who is fighting for AZ’s peoples? … not Arizona’s Governor, City Administrators, Mayors, City Counsel and County Supervisors as they are In-Bed with powerful Corporations (such as APS and AZ Corporation Commission) to ensure bread is buttered …  all at the expense of us AZ citizens.


AZ allows ‘Dark Money’ (mega $$$s by anonymous donors who often reside out-of-state) contributions to AZ politicians, law-makers and special interest groups to ‘convince’ regulating agencies to stop the investigation regarding APS increasing rates when it wants and how it wants.  Unless your electricity bill is paid by someone else or by some agency… you should be mad and you must take action! Write your state representatives and cc appropriate Federal-level officials.


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