Corrupt Yuma quickly-dismisses accused Pedophile!

A longtime tongue-in-cheek motto regarding Yuma is:  “It’s WHO you know or WHAT you’re affiliated with”…. that determines your path in Yuma, Arizona!

Apparently, if a Yuma-area man was a former Tribal police officer and current fire dept employee, he can do no wrong.

On April 22, 2016, Brian Wolgomot (former Cocopah police officer, current Rural/Metro firefighter/EMS) was arrested for having a sexual relationship with a 13 year old girl.  Justice Greg Stewart informed Wolgomot he was being held on seven separate felony counts. Only, FOUR DAYS LATER, Wolgomot was RELEASED after the judge said there was “not enough evidence” to formally charge Wolgamot. The child victim’s stepmother stated publicly: “Very disappointed, angry and sad at the same time. He knew she was 13.”.

Not holding the man so that sufficient evidence can be organized?!  No official trial to prove innocence or guilt?!  Internet searches reveal accused-Pedophiles are NOT released without lengthy, thorough investigations and/or trials.  Yuma citizen’s comments, regarding this incident, show bewilderment and anger as to why Wolgamot was released so soon.

WHO is Wolgamot related to? WHAT is Wolgamot affiliated with? Was Wolgamot power lawyer-ed up? Does Wolgamot belong to a ‘class’ of people who play-their-cards to shirk responsibility? The ‘justice’, of this case, reeks of corruption.


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